Mission Statement

The Vaccine Modeling Initiative (VMI) is a university-based, international interdisciplinary research consortium designed to generate new computational models and simulations to improve decision-making in vaccine R&D.  These models, based on incidence, prevalence and disease transmission patterns of real-world epidemic diseases, will help predict and prevent future infectious disease epidemics.

Public healh officials across the globe need guidance on the selection of new vaccine candidates and on epidemic control procedures.  By using sophisticated models and supercomputers, computational modeling and simulations can help prioritize vaccine research and control srategies by running worst/best case scenarios based on available data such as:

♦ population size and demography

♦ distribution of certain diseases

♦ likelihood of a particular disease to spread

These models can give experts guidance on how many deaths coud be prevented if a particular vaccine and distribution strategy was employed in a specific area of outbreak.


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